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Equipment Repair & Servicing

Why Service…..

Our Scuba gear is ultimately our life support system, hence we should treat it accordingly, having it properly serviced regularly by qualified HSE approved technicians , in order to prevent accidents caused by equipment failure.

When to Service…..

Regulators, BCDs and Drysuits generally should be serviced every 12 months or 100 dives, whichever comes first.

Always refer to manufacturers recommendations.

Cylinder testing is a legal obligation, and cylinders cannot be filled if they are outside their testing date.

Cylinder Visual test – every 2 1/2 years

Cylinder Hydrostatic Test – every 5 years

(for normal use, without being exposed to excessive heat or impact)

WWDC Servicing

All our servicing and testing is done externally by Remar Safety Services Ltd, in Caerphilly. They are an IDEST approved testing centre, specialising in their field, and one of the largest and most professional companies of their type in the UK. They are also contracted by large organisations, like the Fire Brigade, to service and test breathing apparatus.

You may give us your equipment to service and we arrange couriers weekly to Caerphilly for your convenience.

Some work can be done in house by Karen, who is a scuba technician

Dry-Suit Maintenance

We offer a latex seal replacement service in house at WWDC, including emergency overnight repairs.

Suits requiring zip and boot replacements are sent to the relevent manufacturer.