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Snorkelling is an easy, exciting and healthy sport that requires minimum equipment and only a little training. It opens up a whole new world of underwater adventure so that you may see amazing sea creatures in their natural environment. Its like jumping into the fishbowl!!


An easy gentle introduction in the swimming pool for people who have never tried snorkelling before. Learn about what equipment is best for you, how to fit it and use it properly and swimming and safety techniques that makes snorkelling almost effortless.

All equipment is provided

Venue: Milford Haven Leisure Centre. Time: Tuesday evenings 8-9pm. Duration: 1 hr. Cost: £25pp

Booking essential


An easy introduction in the calm shallow waters on the beach, where we will show you how to fit the equipment properly, show you easy swimming techniques and breathing control. Then take you on a guided tour of the shore line to see some of our fascinating underwater marine life. You’ll only ever need one lesson as once grasped its easier than riding a bike!

All snorkelling equipment is provided. Wetsuits must be worn and available for hire.

Venue: St Brides Haven Beach. Duration: 1 hr. Cost: £25pp (or £35 with wetsuit hire)

Booking essential